Here are just a few examples of the many lives we’ve improved here at Marcum Chiropractic Clinic, straight from our patients themselves…

Audrey – Preventative Care

Yerusalem – MRI Technician

Kevin – Auto Accident Victim

Pamela – Auto Accident Victim

“Top Notch Care – 10 Out Of 10”

“I rate the care at Marcum Chiropractic Clinic a 10 out of 10. Doctor Hartwig is very knowledgeable about the injuries I had and he clearly explained my injuries and the treatments.”

Nicole B.

“No Waiting Time”

“I’ve had virtually no wait time for each appointment.”

Cheryl P.


“The staff at Marcum Chiropractic is very professional and effective. They treated me in a respectful manner and responded to all of my questions.”

Osman F.

“Wonderful Staff”

“Basically there’s no waiting time when you get to your appointment. They all greet you when you walk in and have smiles on their faces. The entire staff is nice and friendly.”

Carven B.

“Chronic Back/Neck Pain”

“I arrived with horrible pain and stiffness in my mid back and neck. Up to that point it was so bad that I had forgotten what it was like to “feel good”. I was used to the pain but couldn’t stand the flare ups I would get.

“So I was told by a friend to go see Dr. Marcum, and see what he could do for me. After a two week trial period my pain was reduced by 50% and my mobility was much improved. But the dramatic results I had wasn’t what impressed me the most.

“Dr. Marcum helped me correct my posture and gave me some stretches to do at home that would keep me improving and fix the source of the problem. As a medical specialist, I see a lot of drugs prescribed to cover up the problems without trying to fix the cause. Dr. Marcum found and helped fix the cause not just the symptoms.”

Ron H.

“Low Back Pain with Degeneration and Disc Problems”

“I was referred in by a friend, and brought my MRI with me. Dr. Marcum sat me down and spent a lot more time explaining what exactly was going on in my back. He told me without sugar coating the truth. My back would never be the same and that the arthritis and degeneration that was there could never be reversed.

“But he did tell me it could be slowed or stopped. He gave me a lot of home exercises, stretching and supplement information. He didn’t give me any false hopes and told me that I would improve but never 100% and that in order to maintain that improvement I would have to be regular with my home care.

“Sure enough after the treatment sessions stopped I was much improved but would notice my back pain more if I didn’t do my home care.”

Josh N.

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Katy – Victim Of Two Car Accidents

Theresa – Registered Nurse/Patient

Kristy – Headaches/Neck Pain

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