Odds are you are reading this blog post on your phone. Phone usage continues to surge as the technology improves and our society becomes more mobile. Due to this, our necks are suffering. We usually hold the phone much lower than our eyes forcing our neck to hold up the weight of our heads while looking down at the phone.
Doing this for a few minutes is fine. However, doing so for hours every day will lead to postural problems/deformities, neck pain, and headaches. The good news? It is all preventable if phone use is limited and regular hands-on care is received. Chiropractic and massage therapy will decrease muscle tension and help the joints of your neck move properly. Getting adjusted and massaged regularly will help you fend off the sore neck so many people complain about because of their phone use. Call Marcum Chiropractic at 503-235-7130 to help your neck today!
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