Winter driving conditions are here like it or not.  This means wet and sometimes snow or icy conditions.  The most important thing to do when driving on slippery roads is to drive slower than normal.  The slower you drive the more friction with the road and less inertia your vehicle has while in motion.  This makes controlling and stopping your vehicle easier than at higher speeds.  If you do have the unfortunate experience of getting into an accident, don’t delay getting treatment.  There is NO reason to wait any length of time before seeking treatment.  In fact, the sooner treatment begins the better the prognosis, regardless of injury severity!  Marcum Chiropractic is a leading treatment facility in Portland for auto-related injuries.  Call us at 503-235-7130 to begin treatment.  We typically get new patients in for their first treatment within 24 hours of calling- so relief is near!

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