The neck, back and shoulders are the body parts most often injured in car crashes.  However, keep in mind that any part of your body may be injured.  Your knees may slam against the dashboard.  Your foot/ankle may get sprained or strained from hitting the brakes with much more force than normal.  You might sprain your wrists if you clench the steering wheel too tightly.  You may suffer a concussion.  These are only a sample of the countless injuries that are possible in an auto accident.  If you are involved in a wreck be sure to see an auto accident injury specialist for your care.  Dr. Todd Hartwig at Marcum Chiropractic Clinic is an auto-injury specialist and will provide you with the best care.  Patients from all over the Portland-metro area and beyond have been trusting their care to Dr. Hartwig for years.  Call today for an evaluation: 503-235-7130

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