Wow!  Summer flew by this year.  Seems like yesterday that the flowers were just starting to bloom.  We hope you had a great summer filled with fun, laughter, and health.  Knowing that school has started in many districts, please keep the following in mind when it comes to using a backpack.

  1. Use BOTH straps when wearing a backpack.  This evenly distributes the weight onto both shoulders.
  2. The total weight of the backpack and all of its contents should not be more than 10% of the body weight of the person using it.  Thus, if the child weighs 60 pounds, the backpack and everything in it should weigh at most 6 pounds.
  3. If/when possible, use a rolling backpack.  These are similar to the ubiquitous roller bags people use for carry-on luggage for flights.

Keeping these guidelines in mind when using a backpack can prevent many back and neck problems from occurring.  For further information or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hartwig, call Marcum Chiropractic at 503-235-7130.

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