Cars are safer than ever with the safety devices manufacturers are installing.  That being stated, there is very little protection against suffering a concussion in a car accident.  Please note that you do NOT have to hit your head against anything in order to suffer a concussion.  If you have dizziness, fogginess, amnesia, irritability, sensitivity to light/sound, trouble concentrating, sleep disturbance, change in appetite, nausea, problems with your vision, ringing in your ears, or any other symptom that makes you feel “off” after a car accident, you likely suffered a concussion.  Please get evaluated by a licensed professional who will diagnose and counsel you on things to do and not do while recovering from your concussion.  Marcum Chiropractic’s Dr. Todd J. Hartwig has treated numerous patients with concussions and can help you heal, too.  Call 503-235-7130 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hartwig.

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