Tension headaches due to poor posture are on the rise for two reasons: 1) many people have poor ergonomic workstations at home and 2) anxiety/stress are at an all-time high level for many people.

Here’s how the team at Marcum Chiropractic can help you!

  1. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Hartwig to evaluate your work station.  He’ll give you the necessary changes needed to make it ergonomically correct and allow for proper biomechanics.  He can also adjust your spine/neck to allow for proper joint movement.
  2. Get a massage.  Justine Osborn is Marcum Chiropractic’s massage therapist and is adored by her patients for the stress and pain relief she provides them.  Your tight muscles will melt away in her talented hands.
  3. Top it off with acupuncture and cupping from Sierra Abate, LAc.  Sierra has many years of experience eradicating headaches and helping people escape the hurriedness of today’s world.  She’ll leave you feeling so much more relaxed than you can imagine!

The entire healthcare team at Marcum Chiropractic is one of the highest-rated clinics in Portland.  They can help you and your loved ones who are suffering from headaches or an overload of stress.

Give them a call at (503) 235-7130 to schedule an appointment for relief today!

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