There are many factors that affect your chances of being injured in a car accident.  Many of these same factors also affect the severity of injuries suffered.  One of the major factors is whether or not you are aware of the impending crash.  If you are aware and you “tense up,” that usually helps to significantly protect your body.  This is contrary to the false but popular belief that if your body is relaxed you will not be injured as badly.  Contracting your muscles prior to being hit significantly helps protect your joints, ligament, bones and internal organs.  An easy comparison is a wide receiver being hit hard in a football game.  If the receiver is aware of the impending hit and can brace himself, there is usually no injury.  However, if the receiver is “defenseless,” the likelihood of injury is much higher.  Thus, if you happen to be able to contract your muscles before getting into a crash, do so!

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