The body remembers. Every trauma, every injury, every illness has a lasting effect on the body. Especially the big ones. A neck subluxation received on the soccer field as a child could create a cascade of compensation that effects your entire life causing seemingly unrelated problems such as hip pain or weak digestion. While the acute problem has passed the imbalance caused may create a whole new set of issues. Past injury may have a very mild effect or it could be incredibly significant. How significant is usually directly related to how extreme the injury or trauma was. Perhaps you had an illness or digestive upset and feel that your body never fully recovered. Maybe ever since that time you have felt different, your immune system has been weaker or your digestion has been “off.” If you sustained an injury at a young age and now you have unexplained health or emotional issues the injury from years ago may be the cause.

In Chinese Medicine your body’s history tells us a lot about your body’s current state. The mystery of why your system acts the way it does may be revealed through a thorough evaluation from an Eastern point of view. With acupuncture these long term injuries can be unraveled and finally healed; balance regained and health restored.
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