Once I start seeing a chiropractor do I have to keep going forever?

The answer is no.  However, the analogy that is often used is that of going to the dentist.  Do you have to keep going to the dentist for the rest of your life?  No, but if you choose this route, your oral health (among other things) will suffer.  The same is true if you stop going to your chiropractor; your spinal health (among other things) will suffer.  Overall frequency of treatments is going to vary significantly from patient to patient and is affected by many variables including type of injury, general health, etc.  Thus, your specific treatment plan/schedule should be designed specifically for you.  At Marcum Chiropractic, Dr. Todd Hartwig designs treatment plans specifically for each patient.  Following his initial consultation with you, he will let you know his recommendations and discuss the plan with you.  To learn more and schedule a consultation with Dr. Hartwig, call Marcum Chiropractic at 503-235-7130.

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