Is your low back sore?  How about your neck?  Mid-back pain affect you daily?  If so, it may not be your back’s fault.  It may be a problem that originates in your knees and/or feet.  If your feet/knees are not functioning properly or if there is an asymmetry between the left and right sides, this can cause problems higher up the body.  The back and neck will compensate for these lower-body problems so your head and eyes stay on the horizontal plane.

Dr. Hartwig is a biomechanical expert and can assess your feet, knees, posture, back, neck, etc. to determine the cause of your problems.  His treatments, exercises and activity modifications will have you on the road to better health in no time.  Call Marcum Chiropractic Clinic today to schedule your appointment.  503-235-7130

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