Sometimes the most dangerous aspect of a car accident is what is inside the vehicle.  Specifically, items on the front passenger seat can become projectiles that can cause significant injury during a collision.  These items often include laptop computers, groceries, and water bottles.  Imagine the damage a laptop could do if it struck you in the head during a moderate-to-high speed collision!  Ouch.

This is why I always recommend my patients put everything they are transporting in the trunk of their vehicle.  If this is not possible, be sure to put the items in the back seat, preferably on the floor.  The seat that the driver is in will help protect from flying objects if a collision occurs.

The other frequent potential danger lurking in our vehicles is hot beverages. Cups of hot coffee or tea can cause severe burns to the face and upper body when splashed during a wreck.  If you are driving with a hot beverage, I recommend always using a cup with a screw-on lid to prevent splashing in the event of an accident.  These simple tips can prevent significant injury when consistently followed.  For additional safety tips and other great information check out our previous blogs on  Thank you!

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