Following a car accident many people complain of “not being themselves.”  They are irritable, short-tempered, forgetful and/or “out of it.”  Often this is due to suffering from a concussion.  When you hit your head on a window, air bag, head restraint, etc. your brain can slam against the inside of your skull.  The resulting brain bruise is a concussion and can cause numerous symptoms that will leave you feeling and acting like someone else.  Also, be aware that you may not even have to hit your head against anything to suffer a concussion.  The intense forces of a wreck can make your brain hit your skull when your head gets “whipped” during an accident.

If this sounds like it has happened to you be sure to seek treatment.  With regular chiropractic care your nervous system will recover much faster than by just toughing it out on your own.  Dr. Hartwig is an aut0-injury specialist with years of experience treating car accident victims.  He will help you return to you!  Call him today: 503-235-7130


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