All healthcare offices have a cancellation policy that patients must agree to.  Typically, the office requires 24-48 hours notice if someone is unable to make their upcoming appointment.  Marcum Chiropractic is no exception.  People often feel that policies like these are only there to punish people if they happen to miss an appointment.  This is not the purpose of the policy.
Cancellation policies are used to help ensure people don’t miss their appointments.  No-shows or last-minute cancellations hurt the person who missed their treatment AND they hurt others because there isn’t enough time to get someone else into the (missed appointment) timeslot.  Thus, missed appointments affect multiple people and artificially make it even more difficult to schedule an appointment.
At Marcum Chiropractic we understand that “life happens.”  We’re as flexible and understanding as possible.  We’ll always respect your time and ask that everyone do the same for others.  Thank you.
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