It’s back-to-school time!  Parents are smiling all over the country.  The return to school presents the opportunity for a reminder about backpack safety.  Please tell your children to always use BOTH straps of the backpack so the weight is evenly distributed on both shoulders.  Put the heaviest item in the bottom of the backpack and try to keep the total weight to no more than 10% of the child’s body weight.  This may be challenging as a couple of books can weigh 5-10 pounds!  If your child regularly needs to haul around a lot of weight, consider getting them a rolling bag (similar to the omnipresent roller-bags at airports).  If your child experiences joint, muscle, or back pain get them in to see Dr. Hartwig for an assessment and treatment.  He will get your child feeling better and give them the knowledge and tools to avoid making things worse in the future.  Call Marcum Chiropractic today at 503-235-7130

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