A properly adjusted head restraint in your car is the most important thing that will significantly reduce whiplash injury if you’re involved in an auto accident.

Many people don’t realize how their head restraint should be positioned, so check out the following steps and be sure everything is as safe as possible the next time you get into any vehicle:

  1. The top of the head restraint must be as high or higher than the top of your head.
  2. Position the head restraint as close to the back of your head as possible. The greater the distance between the restraint and your head, the greater the potential whiplash injury.
  3. Head restraints can seem locked into position, but sometimes they’re not. Be sure to wiggle the restraint fairly hard to ensure it is secure.

Do this safety check every time you get into any vehicle both as a driver and as a passenger.  And of course, buckle up, no matter how far you are driving!

If you do get into an accident of any kind be sure to get evaluated for injury.  Marcum Chiropractic’s Dr. Hartwig has treated thousands of patients with neck and back injuries from car accidents.  He’ll get you on the road to recovery and back doing the things you love to do.  Call or schedule online with him today!

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