How to be safe on the slopes…
Hot and cold – warm up gently at the start of the day with a walk to the first lift and a few easy runs to loosen up any tired, achy muscles; don’t head straight for the black diamond runs! Watch out for icy patches. Be careful on that ‘one last run before we finish’ – tired legs, heavy wet snow and a thirst for the après ski are a recipe for disaster (it’s sometimes better to skip the last lift and head to the bar early!)
Know your limit – take plenty of breaks, listen to your body and pace yourself. Skiing/riding hard on days one and two will just ruin the rest of your ski trip. Most skiing injuries and accidents tend to happen on day three when the confidence levels are high, but energy levels are low.
Liquid lunch – drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and avoid tea, coffee and alcohol. Be careful of the ‘lunchtime lethargy’ – the wobbly legs and a sleepy head on the first post-lunch run.
Gear-check – choose your boots carefully – head for a shop with a wide range, get them heat-molded if possible, and if they’re not right, change them. Poor fitting boots and bindings will hinder your progress – no matter how good your technique!

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