A 2014 study by Batailler et al. showed that “32.3% of children injured in a road accident had not fully recovered their health status by one year, according to their caregivers.”
This is an astounding finding as it’s commonly believed that children are injured less often and less severely compared to adults.  While there are myriad variables that affect the likelihood and severity of all injuries due to an auto accident, one anatomical trait of children that worsens things for them is their relatively large head size compared to adults.
Generally speaking, the musculoskeletal system of children is usually more flexible than that of adults.  This can help prevent some injuries.  However, a child’s large head and not-yet-fully-developed musculoskeletal system can lead to more/worse injuries for some children.  Knowing this, it’s equally important to have children get treatment following an accident as it is for adults.  And regardless of age, the sooner treatment begins, the better the prognosis.
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