Hey everybody, Dr. Hartwig here at Marcum Chiropractic in North Portland. I’m often asked what the favorite part of my career choice is, and I like to tell people that it’s what I call the metamorphosis of my patients.

Many people come into our office in kind of a bad state of affairs. They’re in a lot of pain, they’re sleep deprived, and their whole life has kind of been turned upside down, whether that be due to a car accident, a work injury, or an at home injury, or you name it.

After their course of treatment here, whether that be a couple weeks or a few months or longer, they often leave feeling like a new person, kind of like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

So, if you are in a bad state or someone you know or love is, send them in and we will get them feeling better and hopefully have them spread their wings and fly away feeling much, much better.

Check us out at MarcumChiropractic.com for more information and we hope to see you soon. Thanks a lot.

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