Most visits to the chiropractor happen because someone is in pain or wants to prevent pain from occurring.  While this is understandable, there are many other reasons and benefits to get regular chiropractic treatment.  Maybe the most obvious benefit is the improved posture and postural awareness people have following their treatments.  Regular adjustments allow the body to counteract the forces of gravity, sitting, and many hours on the phone/computer by stretching the soft tissues and moving the joints to their ideal location.  Because the forces that cause poor posture are regularly acting on the body, regular adjustments are needed to keep up the good fight!  In addition to the adjustments, Marcum Chiropractic’s Dr. Todd Hartwig will prescribe specific stretches and exercises to help maintain your new confident posture.  If your job has you slouched over a computer all day, give Marcum Chiropractic a call at 503-235-7130– remember, we have your back!

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