The cooler temperatures make it more likely you’ll pull a muscle when doing things outdoors.  This is especially true for sports such as soccer, track, and lacrosse that require a lot of quick bursts.  During periods of cooler weather, be sure to do an extended warm-up of simple calisthenics, jogging, or the like.  Following the activity a gentle period of light exercise and a thorough stretching session will greatly lessen the chance of straining or spraining something the next time.  The importance of a good warm up and post-activity stretching cannot be overstated.  It is especially vital for the success of older athletes, but people of ALL ages need to do this to prevent injury.  If you are unsure of what to do or how to do certain exercises or stretches, schedule an appointment at Marcum Chiropractic.  Their expert staff will create a focused exercise and stretching program for you that will keep you going!  Call 503-235-7130 today.

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