We’ve all seen the little old ladies and men who are hunched over and look as if they could fall forward at any moment.  Most of these people got that way because they did not take care of their spinal health.  Specifically, their postural habits and lack of strength in their back allowed for this to happen.  Weak back muscles allow our body to slump forward and if this happens for too long, the soft tissues of the back get over-stretched and the structure of the bones of the spine will change.

Chiropractic care and expert advice can help prevent this undesirable change from happening.  Marcum Chiropractic’s Dr. Todd Hartwig is a spinal expert whose practice incorporates significant patient education and postural/ergonomic analysis into patient care.  With his advice you will learn the simple but extremely effective steps to care for your spine throughout your life.  Take care of your body.  Call Dr. Hartwig at 503-235-7130 to help you do so.

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