Car accidents are a leading cause of many significant injuries every year. The obvious injuries include strains, sprains, concussions, and contusions.  Long-term problems often occur after an accident, too.

A famous research study by Hohl1 showed that 39% of whiplash patients without any initial x-ray signs of disc degeneration had developed degenerative changes within 5-to-10 years of the car accident.  This evidence strongly suggests that whiplash patients are at an increased risk of premature disc degeneration.

Knowing this, getting treatment after a car accident not only helps alleviate the immediate symptoms but will also help prevent problems years into the future.  Restoring normal joint range-of-motion and flexibility as soon as possible after an accident will help lessen long-term problems.

The providers at Marcum Chiropractic have been treating whiplash and auto-accident patients since 2002. They have proven therapies to get you feeling better and minimize any long-term problems associated with the wreck.  Please reach out to them if you or a loved one has been injured.

  1. Hohl M.  Soft-tissue injuries of the neck in automobile accidents: factors influencing prognosis.  Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (AM) 1974;56:1675-1682.
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