Marcum Chiropractic’s Dr. Todd Hartwig is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP).  This credentialing allows him to be the team physician for teams at any level of athletics.  Less than 7% of all chiropractic physicians have this level of post-graduate education.
A significant portion of the training for the CCSP focuses on head trauma and concussions.  Concussions have gotten a lot of publicity in the past decade, especially in the NFL.  Head injuries occur frequently in sports and also as a result of car accidents.  Diagnosis of a concussion is the first step in treating it.  If you have been injured and feel “off” or “not yourself” since the injury, please call us.  Doctor Hartwig will examine you and get you the care you need.  Call Marcum Chiropractic at 503-235-7130.
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