Nearly 80% of Americans will suffer at least one bout of moderate-to-severe low back pain at some point in their life.  This number could drop significantly with a few simple steps:

  1. Consistently train your core muscles of the back and abdomen.
  2. Maintain a healthy, normal weight for your height and body type.
  3. Stretch daily and get regular chiropractic adjustments.

Following these three steps is a sure way to significantly lessen your odds of being laid up due to a low back injury.  Marcum Chiropractic’s Dr. Todd J. Hartwig is an expert at treating low back injuries and focuses on educating his patients about preventative actions.  He will work with you to develop a specific strengthening/stretching program, give specific recommendations for managing your weight (if needed) and provide the necessary adjustments.  The best time to act on this is NOW- before you have any injury!  Call Marcum Chiropractic at 503-235-7130 to schedule an appointment.

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