Modern research has shown that with most musculoskeletal injuries the sooner normal movements and activities can occur the better the prognosis.  This was not always the standard of care.  Let me give you an example…  Not very long ago it was normal for someone who underwent knee surgery, say ACL reconstruction, to be placed in an immobilizer and required to use crutches for 6-8 weeks.  Most patients who have that same surgery in 2019 will be weight-bearing and walking the same day now!  Wow- times have changed!

The reason it is helpful to begin movement early is to lessen muscle atrophy, minimize loss of range-of-motion, and to sculpt/align new tissues being laid down while the body repairs itself.  This is true for many surgeries and most injuries.  This includes most injuries such as whiplash that result from car accidents.  Gentle mobilizations and massage are extremely beneficial for preventing scar tissue buildup and the stiffening of the joints.  Our staff at Marcum Chiropractic has specialized in auto-related injuries for over a decade and know how to work with the natural healing process of your body following a car accident.

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