Acupuncture has been helping people for literally thousands of years.  However, people unfamiliar with the modality are often scared about the needles and/or unsure of what it can do for you.  Here are a few facts about acupuncture that may appeal to you:
  1. Acupuncture is virtually painless when done by a skilled practitioner.  More often than not you won’t feel anything when the needle is placed!
  2. It can help your body in numerous ways including improving your sleep and immune system functioning
  3. In this fast-paced world the calming effects of acupuncture can also give you better mental clarity and reduce depression-related symptoms.
Marcum Chiropractic’s Dr. Sierra Abate has been a mainstay of the Marcum team for over eight years now and her patients rave about her!  Come see her to feel and function better.  You will be very glad you did!
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