Poor posture is the underlying cause of many aches and pains that bring people into Marcum Chiropractic.  The leading culprit in the causes of poor posture is the amount of sitting that most of us do on a regular basis.  Most of us spend significant portions of our day driving, flying, in meetings and most commonly, at a desk with a computer.  All of these amount to too much sitting, which if done incorrectly, will lead to back pain, neck pain, and headaches.

One simple trick to improve your posture is to imagine pulling on a string that is attached to your sternum (breast bone).  Pull the “string” up and away from yourself at a 45-degree angle.  This will lift your chest and automatically pull your head backward, thereby making your head be supported more by the vertebrae in your spine than the muscles and ligaments.  Setting an alarm and having your phone beep or vibrate every hour can be a great reminder to do this simple exercise.  If done consistently for two weeks, your posture will certainly improve and you’ll be feeling better because of it!

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